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Effective Date: December 23, 2023
This document elucidates Hartnett Clinic Seaford’s adherence to confidentiality and privacy obligations. As an organization, our paramount concern revolves around the health and wellbeing of our patients.

Purpose of Privacy Policy
This privacy policy serves to inform our patients about the collection and utilization of their personal information, including health-related data, within our practice. It further outlines the circumstances under which we may disclose such information to third parties.

Commitment to Privacy
Hartnett Clinic Seaford is dedicated to upholding and preserving the privacy of your personal information. Our commitment extends to ensuring that patients comprehend the manner in which we handle personal information and the legal frameworks governing this process. Acknowledging the sensitive nature of healthcare information, we strive to operate in compliance with the law and align with the evolving expectations of our patients, frontline healthcare staff, and care providers.

Adherence to Privacy Laws
We are obligated to handle electronic and paper-based personal information in accordance with applicable privacy laws, including the Australian Privacy Principles under Commonwealth legislation and relevant state laws. The security of this information is paramount, and any unauthorized access is met with a zero-tolerance approach.

Collection of Personal Information
Hartnett Clinic Seaford may gather personal information through various channels, including initial appointments, medical services provision, website interactions, and communication through email, SMS, or social media. Information may also be sourced from other entities, such as guardians, healthcare providers, and government agencies.

Types of Personal Information Collected
The collected personal information encompasses details like name, date of birth, contact information, healthcare identifiers, medical history, and legal documents related to medical decision-making. This information is essential for clinical care, health services delivery, and other related business activities.

Consent to Use of Personal Information
We seek explicit consent to handle personal information as outlined in our privacy policy. Consent is vital for healthcare professionals and administrative personnel to support the delivery of optimal healthcare services. Any deviation from outlined purposes requires informed consent from the patient.

Treatment of Personal Information
Healthcare professionals at Hartnett Clinic Seaford prioritize the creation and maintenance of accurate and up-to-date medical records to support clinical care. Patient preferences regarding the treatment of medical records are respected and incorporated into our practices.

Disclosure of Personal Information
Personal information may be disclosed to third parties based on patient consent, legal requirements, or to facilitate healthcare services. Disclosures are made with a focus on patient health outcomes and privacy, disclosing only necessary information to meet specific requirements.

Storage of Personal Information
Personal information is securely stored in various formats, including paper records, electronic records, and visual records. Strict confidentiality requirements are enforced, and access to information is restricted through secure authentication processes.

Access and Correction of Personal Information
Patients have the right to request access to and correction of their personal information. Requests must be made in writing, and the clinic will take reasonable steps to fulfill these requests within a specified timeframe.

Privacy and Website Usage
The clinic’s website may contain links to external sites, and users are advised to review the privacy practices of these linked sites. Personal information provided to the clinic through the website is handled with utmost security and is not shared with third parties without explicit consent.

Questions or Concerns
For inquiries or concerns regarding privacy, patients can contact us through the provided channels. Privacy-related complaints will be addressed promptly and in accordance with our resolution procedure.

Contact Information
Address: Practice Manager, Hartnett Clinic Seaford, 2 Hartnett Drive, Seaford, VIC 3198
Phone: 03 8760 0028

Office of the Australian Information Commissioner
For further assistance, patients may contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) at or 1300 363 992.

Policy Review
Hartnett Clinic Seaford reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy at any time. Updates will be addressed promptly, with the revision date of this document reflecting any changes.